4/6/13 part two

1st day adventure (part two)

(after pizza order break)
just after midday
(everyone is in the party at this point)
Party sees a small path towards a hillside with a bunch of stones on it.
NPC tells the party that it has always been quiet. Stones have been there for a very long time. No idea what is going on but his father is one of the shepards. No wild animals around.
As we walk up the hillside… Decayed stone and broken. 30’ diameter circle. One column is fallen and shattered. Like a disembodied step. Black cavern under the fallen stone.
Marching order:
Had dungeon loading issues at this point…
Steve goes to shove past all of the other characters…doesn’t work
Zach notices a trap, sets it off, but is quick enough to avoid to get hit by it.
Jasen tries to calm the two of them down, but fails
Becky continues forward…
Steve heads into the room while glaring at Lyle
Lyle moves toward the door that has the mist coming through the nostrils of the face of the dragon on the door.
Lyle asks Zach to check out the door for traps.



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