events from 4/6/13

1st day adventure

Shepard and cattle are missing. Overheard in a bar.
Jasen was too ugly to get served at the bar… So what else is new?
Steve was too ugly to even be allowed in town… whole town up in arms to kill the Frankenstein monster that approached the town.
Lyle was served at the inn and overheard a conversation about missing shepard and sheep. Was told to check out the townhall for more details.
Steve gets trapped in an alleyway that deadends and guards on the other end.
Knocked the soldiers down and escaped
Becky can’t get into the bar. It’s closed to her. Don’t want to serve her.
Lyle was told at the townhall to head West to Chattervenel a circle of stones to check out what has happened to the shepard and sheep.
Zach was robbed in the town. His whole purse was taken.
Jasen tries to go to the library, but it is closed.
Jasen then walks up to a stranger and speaks in elvish to him. The stranger turns out to be Zach.
Zach was told that a monster is in the city, Zach tells Jasen about the monster.
Steve runs out of the city and waits at the gate.
Becky is told by a guy in the window to go away, near the inn. Leg of lamb is dropped out to her. She leaves 1gp in return.
Lyle leaves the townhall. Sees a commotion. Sees a pair of people in town not in a panic. The pair are Jasen and Zach. Lyle tells Jasen and Zach about the problems outside of town. They tell him about the monster in town.
A man runs up and asks for help in dealing with the monster. Man is the NPC Cleric.
Lyle runs at Becky, thinking she’s the monster.
Becky hits Lyle with a leg a lamb
Jasen speaks to Becky in her native tongue and she calms down.
We decide to join up as a party… Zach, Jasen, Becky, Lyle, and an NPC Cleric
Missing Steve still…
The party heads to the part of town where the soldiers were knocked down.
They are told that the monster didn’t do anything wrong, but they chase those who aren’t like them out of town.
The party heads out of town to find out what happened to the shepard and sheep.
Becky smells something nasty (steve)and leads the party to him… Because he smells so bad.
Steve asks what the party wants with his axe out.
Becky talks to Steve.
NPC talks to Steve and tells him to fight or join…
Pizza Break



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