Shattered Circle

It's a new day.

To All: (Each character at a different entrance to the town)

You find yourself standing at the edge of a small town. You are tired from your day’s travel and look forward to a good meal and a warm bed.
The sign on the road says Welcome to Vogarnes .

(Please add to the comments what your character would like to do.)


I head to my father’s home. This is the first time i have been back in 10 years. Things have changed, but my father’s home still looks the same.

Shattered Circle

Heirisont first wants to head to Bergun Hall and register as a visitor to this town. Then she wants to head to the local inn and find some food and rest.

Shattered Circle

Out of game comment… Are we aware of this chest you created, if so Heirisont would of course want to take the chest to someone who could identify the markings on it.

Shattered Circle

I was wakened by the clamoring hooves of a horse to find myself on the side of the road at the entrance to some town. Boy does my head hurt. Where the hell am I? Who am I? Draven…that’s it…I think. There’s a lot I need to figure out, like who left me here, where am I from, and what the hell this damn bird keeps squawking about…but first, I need a drink. I head to the closest tavern and indulge in some fine elven spirits.

Shattered Circle

Weary from a long journey, I head to the nearest inn to fill my hungry belly. I order a pig and ale and hope I don’t run into any fool-hearted humans….

Shattered Circle

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