1st adventure part 3

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Steve goes to open the other door.
Zach is pierced in the back for 2hp
Humaniod creature is behind him, but it has spider-like features
Zach swings and misses, he is then attacked for 1hp
Jasen fires Magic Missile at it and it dies
Cleric is attacked.
Steve tries to see what is going on.
Becky pulls out her axe and turns around to go towards the cleric, she moves towards him and sees a shadowy figure
Zach searches the dead humanoid next to him, rolled a one and didn’t find anything.
NPC kills the humanoid attacking him.
Lyle checks around him after apparently sleeping during the attack…
Steve moves to the door with the dragonface on it. He just observes it.
Jasen checks out the creature that attacked the cleric and searches it. Oil on the skin of the creature. Web comes out of bellybutton, has a dagger, wearing clothing made of webbing. Shield of the same webbing.
Armor is not useful. Dagger is made of bone 1-6 +1 dmg
Becky does nothing
Zach takes dagger from Jasen
Lyle tries to force the locked dragon door
Steve and Lyle are poisoned by the mist coming out of the door. -2hp each
Lyle moves to the other door opposite the stairs, it is locked as well.
Zach moves to the door opposite of the dragon door and tries to pick the lock. He is successful at picking the lock. Room has skeletal remains of dead humanoids.
Zach searches the room. Ivory carved skulls, 13gp and 36cp are found by him. He spots another door on the other side of the room. He goes to open the door. Door is trapped and he is jabbed by the trap. -1hp
Party moves into the room that Zach was in.
Zach tries to pick the lock again. Gets stabbed again. -2hp
Steve sees that the door is trapped.
Steve tries to slash at the door, Zach is in the way, Steve almost kills Zach…
3 longswords found, 5 daggers, and 1 2-handed sword, found by Steve
Zach goes for the daggers,
Lyle looks at one of the longswords
Zach tries to open the locked door that is across from the staircase. It doesn’t work
Zach tries to open the door on the same wall as the staircase. It opens and there is a hallway down the corridor covered in webbing. Steve tries to burn it down, it does not work. Becky hacks at the webbing and it works once, she tries again and gets stuck.
Steve tries to pull Becky out, it doesn’t work. Steve and Lyle try to pull her out, it doesn’t work.
Steve tries to cut Becky and it works.
Steve keeps successfully hacking at the webbing.
Steve hacks all the way to a hallway on the left and there is 10ft more of hallway in front of him with a door at the end.
Steve and Zach moves into the room at the end of the hall, Zach nearly misses being crushed by the door.
Zach finds a secret door and he looks for the switch to open the secret door.
Zach finds the latch and opens the secret door. There is a room beyond. There is an iron chest in the corner of the room.
Zach senses for traps.
Zach opens the chest and falls into a trap in front of the chest -3hp
Steve ignores Zach and tries to open the chest
Steve is hit with a magic force, but saves to just to be stunned by the force.
Cleric NPC gets Zach out of the hole and heals him for 5hp
Hallway on the left has 3 doors, 2 on the left, one on the right.
Zach unlocks the chest
3 applications of dust of appearance
1 potion of protection of evil
potion of undead control ghouls
potion of heroism
2 vials of holy water
Zach walks out of the room, and heads down the hallway with 3 doors
Zach searches for traps on the first door down the hallway. It is locked, but not trapped.
Steve bashes a doors
Lyle bashes the door and almost gets stabbed in the eye, looking through the door.
2 drows come from behind and stab Becky for -3hp
jasen uses magic missile on one of the drow
becky hits one and kills it
lyle hits the other and kills it
Jasen talks to the humanoids on the other side of the door and it opens with 4 soldiers on the other side and a bunch of humanoids behind them.
Jasen asks them to lower the weapons
Soldiers say to leave or drop your weapons
Lyle and Jasen are told to go in the room, the orcs and thief are told to stay outside.
We comply
Jasen and Lyle are taken to their leader.
Brought to the private chamber of the leader
Elwen is the leader and they are refugees, explains that they have gotten away from the drow
Collum is the other leader and he turned evil after moving the stone at the hilltop. He started attacking the people above. Elwen wants help in defeating Collum and finding a new home. We have agreed to help.
Vlad the soldier will lead us to Collum as we regroup with the rest of the party.

4/6/13 part two
1st day adventure (part two)

(after pizza order break)
just after midday
(everyone is in the party at this point)
Party sees a small path towards a hillside with a bunch of stones on it.
NPC tells the party that it has always been quiet. Stones have been there for a very long time. No idea what is going on but his father is one of the shepards. No wild animals around.
As we walk up the hillside… Decayed stone and broken. 30’ diameter circle. One column is fallen and shattered. Like a disembodied step. Black cavern under the fallen stone.
Marching order:
Had dungeon loading issues at this point…
Steve goes to shove past all of the other characters…doesn’t work
Zach notices a trap, sets it off, but is quick enough to avoid to get hit by it.
Jasen tries to calm the two of them down, but fails
Becky continues forward…
Steve heads into the room while glaring at Lyle
Lyle moves toward the door that has the mist coming through the nostrils of the face of the dragon on the door.
Lyle asks Zach to check out the door for traps.

events from 4/6/13
1st day adventure

Shepard and cattle are missing. Overheard in a bar.
Jasen was too ugly to get served at the bar… So what else is new?
Steve was too ugly to even be allowed in town… whole town up in arms to kill the Frankenstein monster that approached the town.
Lyle was served at the inn and overheard a conversation about missing shepard and sheep. Was told to check out the townhall for more details.
Steve gets trapped in an alleyway that deadends and guards on the other end.
Knocked the soldiers down and escaped
Becky can’t get into the bar. It’s closed to her. Don’t want to serve her.
Lyle was told at the townhall to head West to Chattervenel a circle of stones to check out what has happened to the shepard and sheep.
Zach was robbed in the town. His whole purse was taken.
Jasen tries to go to the library, but it is closed.
Jasen then walks up to a stranger and speaks in elvish to him. The stranger turns out to be Zach.
Zach was told that a monster is in the city, Zach tells Jasen about the monster.
Steve runs out of the city and waits at the gate.
Becky is told by a guy in the window to go away, near the inn. Leg of lamb is dropped out to her. She leaves 1gp in return.
Lyle leaves the townhall. Sees a commotion. Sees a pair of people in town not in a panic. The pair are Jasen and Zach. Lyle tells Jasen and Zach about the problems outside of town. They tell him about the monster in town.
A man runs up and asks for help in dealing with the monster. Man is the NPC Cleric.
Lyle runs at Becky, thinking she’s the monster.
Becky hits Lyle with a leg a lamb
Jasen speaks to Becky in her native tongue and she calms down.
We decide to join up as a party… Zach, Jasen, Becky, Lyle, and an NPC Cleric
Missing Steve still…
The party heads to the part of town where the soldiers were knocked down.
They are told that the monster didn’t do anything wrong, but they chase those who aren’t like them out of town.
The party heads out of town to find out what happened to the shepard and sheep.
Becky smells something nasty (steve)and leads the party to him… Because he smells so bad.
Steve asks what the party wants with his axe out.
Becky talks to Steve.
NPC talks to Steve and tells him to fight or join…
Pizza Break

Shattered Circle
It's a new day.

To All: (Each character at a different entrance to the town)

You find yourself standing at the edge of a small town. You are tired from your day’s travel and look forward to a good meal and a warm bed.
The sign on the road says Welcome to Vogarnes .

(Please add to the comments what your character would like to do.)


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